Cup Winners Promotions have a wealth of experience in the manufacture, supply, design and print of quality ceramic merchandise.  Our reputation is built on reliability, quality of our products and first class customer service.

The technique uses organic colour dyes which opens up a much more diverse colour spectrum and gives a brilliantly outstanding gloss appearance. It is also environmentally friendly, avoiding the use of substances such as lead and cadmium because it does not have to withstand a kiln firing, it provides a more versatile colour range than fired enamel colours.

The sublimation process involves printing using sublimation ink and specialised paper that react to heat and have susceptibility to items with polyester coated surfaces. Once a transfer is printed onto sublimation paper, it can be applied to the desired promotional item or garment using heat. When sublimation inks are heated and reach a temperature of around 200ºC they turn into a gaseous state and become more vibrant in colour. These colours then penetrate the polymer content of the substrate and permanently dye the coated surface. The surface of the substrate is smooth and the transfer print cannot be felt (unlike with a screen print), instead becoming part of the surface. This provides a very durable result that does not fade or crack under normal use for a very long time.

We offer a huge range of items suitable for sublimation transfers including mugs, mouse mats, coasters and various clothing items (T shirts, hoodies etc), making this a cost-effective way to generate add-on sales and/or advertise your brand.

Cup Winners Promotions Ltd have been printing dye sub mugs for many years, our vast array of clients include most Premiership and league football clubs as well as many high end corporate clients.

The print process lends itself very well for great quality photographic images and vivid colour reproduction.





Originally we began trading back in 2003 as a start up business, becoming Cup Winners Ltd in 2007, we developed and engineered our own equipment for the manufacture of sublimation printed products, under the  guidance of Xpres Encore USA. From this we established and secured ourselves as sole supplier of the best coated sublimation mugs in the world.

Initially we used pre printed transfers from the USA print house, however, after recognising the cost and quality benefits of producing our own, we soon developed our in-house print department. Initially using small desk top sublimation printers, we quickly moved on to wider format printers in order to cope with the increasing sales demands. Finally establishing a full bulk fed, wide format sublimation print house, which meant we had full control over speed, quality and service throughout full production.

We continued to expand on our customer base, to become relatively unrivaled as the largest supplier of manufactured sublimation printed ceramics to the sports industry in the UK, supplying, through different customers, most, if not all of the Football League clubs.

We also began making some ground into corporate arenas by building a good customer base with different promotional suppliers and several license holders in the branded marketing sector.

Expanding the product range soon became an apparent necessity, therefore, over the past few years, we have gone from one or two main products, to being able to offer a full and comprehensive range of ceramic mug styles, as well as miscellaneous sublimation printed accessories.





Cup Winners Promotions Ltd has a commitment to quality products, first class customer service and our drive to push business forwards leaves us expecting a bright and successful future.

We will strive to reach new heights of quality and service, whilst ensuring our hard working staff continue to find CWP an enjoyable and safe environment to work in.



  We welcome all orders. A member of our team will be delighted to take your call and talk you through our simple ordering process.

Office hours are Monday to Friday 7.30am - 4.00pm  Tel - 0161 767 8145 info@cupwinners.biz