Dye Sublimation

The dye sublimation process used to print the mugs is quite special. The colours are bright strong and vibrant - the quality is photographic. No other process produces such high quality images. The whole process is different from conventional printing and gives an exceptionally bright and attractive finish unobtainable by any other means.

Ideal for whatever design you want; full colour image; stunning photographic reproduction; small order flexibility; fast turnaround

The Magic Process

The technique uses organic colour dyes. This opens up a much more diverse colour spectrum and gives a brilliantly outstanding gloss appearance. It is also environmentally friendly, avoiding the use of substances such as lead and cadmium. Because it does not have to withstand a kiln firing, it provides a more versatile colour range than fired enamel colours.

The sublimation process involves printing using sublimation ink and specialised paper that react to heat and have susceptibility to items with polyester coated surfaces. Once a transfer is printed onto sublimation paper, it can be applied to the desired promotional item or garment using heat. When sublimation inks are heated and reach a temperature of around 200ºC they turn into a gaseous state and become more vibrant in colour. These colours then penetrate the polymer content of the substrate and permanently dye the coated surface. The surface of the substrate is smooth and the transfer print cannot be felt (unlike with a screen print), instead becoming part of the surface. This provides a totally durable result that will not fade or crack.

We offer a huge range of items suitable for sublimation transfers including mugs, mouse mats, coasters even jigsaw puzzles, making this a cost-effective to generate add-on sales and/or advertise your brand.